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Appartementhaus Lechblick Warth VorarlbergAppartments Lechblick Warth Vorarlberg


I feel free, I am on holiday, and not just that, no, I really do feel free. I am not only away from the stress of work, but have also escaped the stress that often goes with leisure activities. Here in Warth, in the diminutiveness of this mountain village and its 210 inhabitants, there is no rowdy nightlife; there are no chic bars or pedestrian zones for the guests to stroll along. Here it is about experiencing the power of sport and outdoor activities in the midst of nature, and allowing this experience to linger on into the evening. Excessive distraction is unwelcome. Warth is a place for people who feel an awareness for life, or people who want to learn to have this feeling again. It is a place for people who can detach themselves from the tourist trade. In winter Warth provides something that has become rare these days: a modern, challenging skiing area with facilities for visitors that have not destroyed its rural character. In the summer, guests experience what used to be called a "summer retreat": to relax and find peace, to experience nature or to refresh the body and spirit with various activities.

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